Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tribute

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson. Yes, I have titled this "A Tribute," but it is not specifically for MJ. However, it was his unfortunate passing and the wave of tributes to his life and legend that prompted me to do this. This is to all the people who have died that meant (and still mean) something to us.

I miss you. Although you may not encompass my thoughts as you once did, you will never be forgotten. Every now and then, I think of you and tears still well up in my eyes, but mostly I smile because it's easier for me to remember all the great times you and I had together. At these times, I still wish you were around. I knew you wouldn't be around forever, but I still didn't make the effort to make every time we had awesome, but if you were still around now, I would. Every time you call I would pick up; every time we would be together, we would never fight; every time I would have to say bye, I wouldn't, because I would just go with you wherever you went. I'm sorry I didn't follow you now, but it's not my time. Don't worry, one day I'll be there. Make sure you meet me though!

I guess one last thing I have to say is, although it's very difficult not to cry when someone we love and cherish passes away, let us try to not wash them off into the afterlife with all of our tears, but let us fuel their passage with our smiles and talks of the good that has come of the time that they have been here with us.

Your friend,

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