Sunday, April 12, 2009


Ahhh, Easter. Lent is over. Jesus Christ has been resurrected. What better way to celebrate his resurrection than by returning to my cussing and old, mean ways? Right away, many of you may say, "Emil! Don't say such things! It's Easter, blah blah blah blah." That's what I'll hear or read. BUT, if you think about it, being able to return to these things, especially being mean, makes me happy, and what more do Jesus and God want than for us to be happy? Yawwwwpppp.

So Jesus, I love you, and welcome back.

Fuck, shit, bitch, asshole. All of you that provoked me before, death by words fuckin' awaits you, muhfuckuhs. =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I need to go fishing again. It's been a while. I still need my license.

There's something about being out there on the shore, casting your line out and just waiting for that fish to bite. If you're there at the right time and they're biting, you may not even have to wait at all. If it's down time, you could be waiting for a long time. Either way, I just find something about fishing that puts me at peace. Maybe it's being able to look out over a large body of water. Maybe it's breathing in all of that fresh, ocean air. Most likely a combination of those two things and other factors I haven't mentioned. I'd just like to apologize to all of the fish I catch...sorry, I don't do catch and release. I will cook you on the fire I started 20 meters behind me.

Anyone wanna go? I don't only do ocean fishing off the shore. Lake Washington is cool, mostly yellow perch though. If you have any fishing spots, let me know!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Can Smell the Blood

Right after I typed the title of this post, I realized that it is figurative in two ways. At first, I just typed it because I meant that Lent is almost over and it's time to release the pent up "rage." It's already begun leaking. Well, the other...hmm, I'll let you guys figure it out. And no, it doesn't have to do with anyone's TOM, so all of you friends of mine that are girls, stop it and stop telling me that stuff. Just joking...sort of.

But yes, Lent is almost over. Palm/Fig Sunday today, no names for Monday and Tuesday (if I remember correctly), Spy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, then the Paschal Triduum: Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Good stuff, exciting stuff. Just a little refresher for all of you who have forgotten the names. I won't go into anymore detail on the days, this is not a religion class. Go to O'Dea if you want to learn that stuff.

(Side note: Jason Kidd is now 3rd on the all-time assist leaders list. Ahead of him are Mark Jackson and John Stockton. While he may be able to surpass Mark Jackson before he retires, I don't think he'll beat out John Stockton for first place. While 4th - 2nd place all have assists in the 10,000s, John Stockton is in 1st place with an insane 15,806. That Karl Malone, man.)

Lent. Its end. Retribution. Oh, also, you know how we always hear about the 40 days of Lent, yet if we count from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, it's 47 days? Easter Sunday doesn't count as part of Lent. Lent ends when Holy Saturday ends. That leaves 46 days. Now, if you take away the 6 Sundays between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday because they are not really a part of Lent, that leaves you with 40 days of Lent. BAM! Actually, what I wanted to say was, "BAM, muhfuckuhs." And guess what? That's ok, because today isn't really a part of Lent. =) Have a magnificent day!