Saturday, March 28, 2009

*Peter Griffin laugh*

Dude on TV just said, "It's all about penetration." heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Anyways, All Day Fight Day is coming up in like 11 hours. Exciting stuff. Nothing serious, but I just wanted to make it as a tournament to make it seem more competitive so we have more fun, regardless of skill level. There's going to be some dope people, I hope I can do well against them.

Heh heh, "It's all about penetration." Btw, the guy was talking about basketball, I'm watching Sportscenter.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Man, what's good with a fever though? I should say, what's bad, which is everything. Those type of fevers that you THINK goes away, then at the least bit of "strenuous" activity, it comes back. By strenuous, I mean getting too passionate about a basketball game or getting worked up over a movie. All this stress taxing my weakened body. If I wasn't in this state, I would throw my TV if the Suns were losing (I would have thrown many TVs by this point in the season) or something like that. Rip all the pages out of a book.

This is all very annoying. Go away now, fever, so I don't get tired when I show even the slightest emotion.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't Touch Me, I'm Sterile

Being sick these past few days has been pretty weak. Don't snowboard for a long time and drink lots afterwards, you'll die the next morning. At least I did, and have been since last Friday night. It's ok, I was able to push myself to get some books to read.

That's what's up right now though, that reading status. I've been on it, forreal. Ursula K. Le Guin, you sorceress, with your Earthsea books. And of course, Stephen King, you tailor of tales of terror. I'm not reading a book of his, but a collection of his short stories known as Night Shift. A few of them have been made into movies: Children of the Corn, Graveyard Shift and The Lawnmower Man. Mind you, The Lawnmower Man movie was nothing like the story he wrote, to the point where they had to take his name off the movie because he demanded it. Ok, so I still don't have this collection in my possession, but soon I will. I'm waiting for it to be delivered to the Columbia City library.

Speaking of scary things, that movie, The Haunting in Connecticut, I want to watch that. This time, it's actually based on a true story, and not like half or a fourth of a true story. That is what's up. Yawwwwp.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


All right, All Day Fight Day has been set for March 28 from 2:00PM to 7:00PM and will be held at Troy's house. If I have not invited you and you play, regardless of skill level, let me know. No real rules for the tournament other than no arcade sticks are allowed...unless you have two to be used. So please, bring your faces and your skills and prepare to TEST YOUR MIGHT! MK, holler.

Another One Down

Many more to go. Nice to have finished another quarter though. I wish I had my winter quarter schedule during spring, and my spring one this past quarter. Now I'm going to miss out on a bunch of sun...maybe? Freaaakkk, can't even sleep in though. Still so used to waking up all early. I suppose it's good, but only 5 hours of sleep? Daaaahhhhhhh. At least Spongebob is on to entertain me.

But forreal, another SFIV session with the homies is needed before the tournament. Still need to figure out when that will be, exactly. Maybe I'll have it somewhat early the 29th? Freakpoop. Oh well, I'll just have to decide soon. Let's see if I can sleep. Good mornight, all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

27 Years

It's not the longest going marriage ever, but 27 years together yesterday is pretty good. Good job, mother and father. It hasn't been the smoothest of rides, but what marriage is a smooth ride?

I love you both. Keep it up!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Finally got my internet up and working again. I kept powercycling my wireless router...but not my modem. That's all I needed to do haha. Anyways, I need to do this project since I fell asleep. Just grand.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dead Week

Yeah, right. More like Death Week, unless by Dead Week they (don't worry about the referent) mean we are dead by the end of this week. But what about next week? How cruel to be resurrected just to die again from final exams.

Oh well, Spring Break is almost here. Can't wait to kick it, play video games and whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dang, my neck hurts. Darn reading, typing, dying...lkajgr;elkaj;yt4a. I hope everyone is doing well though. We'll all make it! Or something corny like that.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Very Funny

I'm not one to really laugh at what's supposed to be "funny" in movies, tv shows and whatever. I might chuckle, smile or do my Peter Griffin laugh, but I won't laugh very genuinely. The things that I find hilarious are the little things. I have this conversation all the time with a few my friends. An example that has come up is in Step Brothers, at the very beginning of the movie. Will Ferrell has a all of these nacho chips and he starts putting a bunch of cheese on them, then microwaves it. Not funny, right? WRONG! I found that absolutely hilarious. Why? Because it's totally something I would do. I could relate to it. A bunch of examples come from that movie since we would talk about the "Boats 'n Hoes" song. Another little thing I couldn't stop laughing at was when Will and John had on the night goggles, then Mr. Will Ferrell turns on the lights as he's taking his goggles off but John still has his on. This makes John scream since you're not to use night goggles in light since you won't be able to see anything but blinding light. Hi. Lar. I. Ous.

There are too many instances like that to share, not just in that movie, but in general. Just like a picture I just saw. I cried from laughing so hard. Good stuff.

Daylight Savings Time

So, I was just chillin' for a second after playing SFIV online, and I look at the clock and it's 3:00AM. Wow, I know why it happened, but it's still crazy to see that an hour has just "disappeared." Dang clocks, measuring time.

Time is such a colossal thing to try to comprehend. It's ironic how such a mind-explodingly complex thing can be measured by something as simple as a clock, or sundial if we were kickin' it in the old, old days.

Let's get delirious.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Share and Tell

Here's a poem I wrote for a class last quarter. It's untitled. I will explain why, amongst other things, after the poem.

I met a girl yesterday; I wish I found out

more about her other than her future last name:

Buscaino. I saw her through the window of my

classroom, the professor going on about

the signaling in cells and the need for something.

I was already drooling, my head resting on the make-do

pedestal formed by my right hand and arm,

body slowly going limp. As soon as I saw her,

I jolted awake as if bitten by bullet ants and almost

raised my hand to say, “The answer is love!”

I could only thank whoever designed the building

with its huge windows, allowing me to see

most of her: straight, long black hair, lightly

toasted brown skin, a deep dimple on her

left cheek, and a purple peacoat and jeans,

both of which she filled out well. The windows,

not big enough to see what shoes she wore

to complete my mental picture, made her

look like she floated past the building.

I stayed awake, only to think of how I shall compare

her to a summer’s day, or if that pretty mama,

is she single? As soon as the room is abuzz

with the rustling of bags, I’ll find you

amongst the thousands unnamed on campus.

This poem is untitled because in the poem, I don't know the name of the girl that I saw while I was in class. There's a few things going on in the poem I'd like to mention. I describe the girl in pretty good detail to contrast the word "something" when I'm talking about what's happening in class. Although I'm falling asleep and not paying attention in class, this girl commandeers my attention with just a glance...slash stare. When I wrote the summer's day followed by the pretty mama part, I was contrasting old and new romantic lines from Shakespeare and Ne-Yo. I think that's about it. Anyways, enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Day in, day out, the same things are done: wake up, school, home, get online, play games, watch Family Guy then Fresh Prince, be online until sleep takes its course. The variation in that that occurs during the week is very welcome. If it wasn't for the people around, I would definitely need change. In fact, right now, I just feel like leaving without even packing anything.

Where would I go though? I don't know. I would probably just walk around somewhere totally new to me until I felt like going home.

I don't know. Someone play me in SFIV on Xbox Live.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Always So Late

Most of the time when I stay up, I spend it doing nothing, especially when it gets late. The laptop's on but I'm usually lying down on my bed, doing nothing. I might have a book next to me that I tried to read or I might even fall asleep. If I don't, then yeah, nothing. Stare at the ceiling. Think of everything. It's pretty annoying, I need to stop it. Sleep is good. Ahh, the power of nothingness.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I love looking at old photographs, especially ones with my parents and I. Unlike life, which is dynamic, these photographs are unchanging; the moments caught will stay the same forever, barring the defamation of the actual photographs. To see how happy my parents look in some of these pictures really touches me and I wish they could smile genuinely like that all the time. I want to say I do what I can to ensure they can do that, but that would be a lie. If only life were a series of photographs...that way, when I reach the end, I can take out all of the sad ones and only leave the joyful photographs.

Good night.