Sunday, April 12, 2009


Ahhh, Easter. Lent is over. Jesus Christ has been resurrected. What better way to celebrate his resurrection than by returning to my cussing and old, mean ways? Right away, many of you may say, "Emil! Don't say such things! It's Easter, blah blah blah blah." That's what I'll hear or read. BUT, if you think about it, being able to return to these things, especially being mean, makes me happy, and what more do Jesus and God want than for us to be happy? Yawwwwpppp.

So Jesus, I love you, and welcome back.

Fuck, shit, bitch, asshole. All of you that provoked me before, death by words fuckin' awaits you, muhfuckuhs. =)


  1. HAHAHA. welcome back, Jesus.
    & welcome back to you, too, Emil!

  2. HAHAHAHA, *singing Mase's Welcome Back* song.