Thursday, March 26, 2009


Man, what's good with a fever though? I should say, what's bad, which is everything. Those type of fevers that you THINK goes away, then at the least bit of "strenuous" activity, it comes back. By strenuous, I mean getting too passionate about a basketball game or getting worked up over a movie. All this stress taxing my weakened body. If I wasn't in this state, I would throw my TV if the Suns were losing (I would have thrown many TVs by this point in the season) or something like that. Rip all the pages out of a book.

This is all very annoying. Go away now, fever, so I don't get tired when I show even the slightest emotion.


  1. the suns won so feel better

    d will still did damage tho hahah

  2. aw man, i hope i didn't pass my sickness to you! but how can that be.. since i haven't seen you since school got out haha.
    i hope you feel better soon though :)