Monday, February 2, 2009


Man, you have to love those weeks in college where you just get absolutely inundated with shit to do in your classes. Then, something comes along to just top all that off. Instead of icing on a cake, which is a rather pleasant image, it's more like animal droppings on top of already rancid garbage.

It's all good though, sort of. Got to keep going. World's not going to stop even if the world in your head does. Fack.

I just wanted to get this up and started, spurred by my great friend and big BOSS, The Tita. May God have mercy on your soul...and boreophyll!

I'm so rude. I don't know who will see this, so I should introduce myself. My name is Emil. That is pronounced Ee-mehl. I like that pronunciation, not my mom's (Eh-meal...but the "meal" sounds like a mix between "meal" and "mill"). All you need to know about me is that for now; I'm sure as this blog goes on, you can deduce the type of person I am. Welcome.


  1. i came from tita's blog...i am her cousin. good work on blogging 'tis an excellent way of keeping in touch.

    thought i would post some encouragement your way...keep blogging!


    good start, keep going.

    - Dru

  3. Thanks! I've always wanted to keep a journal, but I always lose them and I hate literal act of writing. Blogging is perfect for me!