Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Wowowee, Halo 3. I swear to God I play that game to relieve stress, but it doesn't always work out that way. I know I'm not the best Halo 3 player, but damn, some of these people online must be spending more than half the time suckin' balls with their eyes closed while they're playing. That's the only reason why they could die so often and kill so sparingly. This is why I need my dudes on my team. You guys know who you are. It's whatever though, I guess, dawg.

Orrrrr, maybe I kept losing because it's Friday the 13th. Bad luck. But, if I lost, that means the other team won, and if Friday the 13th brought bad luck, why did they get to win? That's stupid. Whatever, I don't even believe this Friday the 13th bullshit. Or bad luck stemming from doing shit like breaking mirrors or black cats or whatever. People that suffer from accidents when that shit happens probably become so afraid and concerned that something "ominous" has occurred and they forget to...look where they're driving, walking, running, whatevering. They focus so heavily on the idea of having bad luck that they become less aware of everything happening around them. Naruto yet. I'm so cool, sitting here and refreshing waiting for new manga to come out. MANGA! Friday the 13 strikes again. I better finish this now before my laptop explodes.

Pffftt, I don't believe that shit.

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